Our OHX return policy

We’ve detailed everything about our generous OHX return policy – which is the same for all customers and all channels – on this page.

At OHX, it’s OK to change your mind. Sometimes what seemed perfect for your home, office or garden, just isn’t. Returning a product to us is convenient and hassle-free, no matter how or where it’s bought.

Returning unopened OHX products

You can return any unopened OHX product within 365 days, for a full refund. No rush, no complicated conditions. It’s best to bring/provide your proof of purchase – but if you can’t find it, we’ll help you locate your digital receipt.

Things to note: OHX returns, OHX refunds and OHX exchanges

  • When you return anything, please bring/send your receipt.
  • We issue refunds in the payment form used to buy the product.
  • Damaged product In transit, take pictures of the box prior to opening it and sent it to us as we will open a claim with the transporter and replace your item
  • Damage product or not as described, please send us pictures or videos via WhatsApp so we can understand better the situation and replace your item or parts
  • We offer a free OHX spare parts service as part of our commitment to prolonging product life, which can be shipped within 24 hours to you

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