BONTEC Standing Desk Riser Stand with hydraulic Height Adjustment


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Hours spent in front of a PC is common in everyday life, whether at home or at work, posing challenges to posture and overall health. With this in mind, the BONTEC team have designed this height adjustable ergonomic X-frame riser for your PC which can transit easily from stand to sit modes, allowing users to change postures while working.
What this converter offers you:
Spacious desk surface
Increased productivity
Healthy working modes
Tidy working environment
Heights Adjustment
Our sit-stand desk converter can be adjusted to any height you like within 112mm and 500mm, using the lifting mechanism controlled by the gas spring.
Gas Spring-loaded Lifting
Go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion using the gas spring-loaded lifting mechanism. It can not only make sure the transition is smooth, but also enable you to choose your ideal height within 115mm to 505mm. The gas spring has been extensively tested and is long lasting.
Height Adjustment 12cm up to 50cm x Width 80cm x Depth 40cm
About 11Kg

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